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Omega International Fellwoship



A Fellowship of Believers in High Expectations of

Yeshua Ha' maschiach 

Dominion Return

You Must Be 

Holy for I Am Holy

Saith the Lord


A Fellowship Guarding and Protecting the Word of Yah

Phone:  813-398-2659



In this


We are  looking for new Jurisdictional Leaders. Contact us now.


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Hurry to make the 4,000 Emeritus Member Contribution period,

This is your Season of Financial Breakthrough

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Summoning & casting the dragnet of this fellowship to chosen ministers to help preached that Gospel internationally


Prophetic Mandate: When this Gospel is preached in all the world as a Witness against all ethnos...


















Bringing a rich vibrant Legacy and anointed history of the Elders of faith who were before us.  A Worldwide Endtime Invok-tion Worship Cry that Augment the darkness of this hour that [shake-Human Events on earth] the very Foundation of the body of Christ into Righteous Holy living as the Lord himself Prophesied...


When others said no and you Fell into God's Favor 

what can the naysayers Say Now...

they will certainly not say it's your time to be blessed




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